How to evangelize. Our web site focuses on teaching or training you on how to share your faith with friends and family. One way to share your faith is by talking about heaven, then lead the conversation into talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our training method is very advanced and will help you get trained on how to evangelize.

What is Heaven?

There are a number of ways to answer this question. For a simple illustration, apply the following three questions to a recent encounter you had with someone sitting next to you at a restaurant.

1. What was the Heaven like to experience?

You recall the detailed back ground view as you sat and watched the meal take place before you. You observed the graciousness of the Hospitality of the Hospitality by the Bartenders, Security and dish boy. You paid attention to the comforting unselfish gestures of the Bartenders, server and even the Bartender that was cleaning the bathroom. And as you observed the behavior of one of the sisters sitting at the next table, you gained a sneak peak into her bright and cheerful personality.

Making mental note of these little things can help you to vividly experience the essence of Heaven.

2. What was it like to communicate with a Holy Spirit like presence?

You begin to recall the sights, sounds, smells and everything that happened as you were receiving communion or worshipping the Lord. You recall the words that were said to you as you gave thanks and praised God for his goodness. Some of the words were not so nice. For example, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Of course, the Holy Spirit is always grace filled and the words we hear him speak from the pulpit are always gracious and kind.

3. What did the Holy Spirit do for you?

You begin to reflect on the set list of virtues that Adam and Eve gave to God when they came into the Eden garden. You recall how the Holy Spirit Book was moved into your confession by God. You recall His actions and personal judgments concerning those virtues. Of course, many of the personal judgments will have happened already and you are already making decisions concerning the ones that have been assigned to you. But, you never lose the joy of the fellowship and acceptance with the Holy Spirit.

Putting the Three Questions in Perspective

How will we everorthyign up to God’s presence when we don’t even try to? These three questions act as a basis for our spiritual relationship with God and help us to remind ourselves to abide in Him. When we lack a sense of holy order in our day to day schedule, our faith becomes weak. This makes the enemy’s attacks more perilous because the joy of the Lord is now gone.

Psalm 12:1 says, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Secret place here means place of secret instructions, ideas, and whatever else the Holy Spirit has an order for.

Do you place yourself in a hurry at work or in a meeting and end up judging others as you rush to get to the finishes line? Do you get cornered in the wrong place at work and call out, “Who do you think you are?” Do you get up late at work because you didn’t finish that report in time?

The fact of the matter is all of us are guilty of making excuses for ourselves. We justify our excuses with the excuse that we really don’t have time for it or that work is our priority. Really? Who do you think you are? Regarding these matters you need to know the Lord intimately.

The fact of the matter is as kings they needed to be fully grounded in the prince if they are going to govern effectively. They also need the additional help of the armor of God because it analyzes the true intentions and motivates the mind of the king. King Josiah analyzed the actions and motives of Israel when he came into the city of Jerusalem.

This had a tremendous impact on the psyche of the king. It was as if God wanted him to completely examine the way he thought. The king decided to make Melech king of Israel. Melech became Josiah’s firstborn, which angered the people of Jerusalem. Theyantedthat the people would change for the worse according to the king.

The King Center is Where God resides and Rules the Nation with supreme power. The Many Loves of God are Resides in Him and are each infused into one of the remarked. A king can not succeed if the love of the lord is not at work in his life.

Deuteronomy 30:1-3 tells us that the Lord resides in the House of Israel. Also, it is said in this chapter that the Lord is in the midst of his people. The house of Israel is not a physical place, but this spiritual state of existence means a people filled with God.When we are filled with the Lord, we are said to be God’s close companions. Close to him, we have his true power and can do all the good that we are commanded to do.

When we look up to the heavens, the Lord is with you. He is your solid foundation, your security, and a pillar of strength.

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