How To Share Your Faith With Your Family

How To Share Your Faith With Your Family

You love your family, and you want to share the good things in your life with them because you want them to enjoy the benefits too. This includes the peace that you have found with God. Your faith in God hss given you courage and hope through difficult times in your life, and you want to share that with your family. How would you go about that? Here are some tips on how to share your faith with your family.

Talking to your family can be challenging because different family members have different personalities, and certain family members are more difficult to reach out to than others. So, if you have never shared your faith with your family before, and it sounds a bit intimidating, choose someone in your family who is closest to you, who understands you the best, and start with this person. Pray about it, and pray for your family member. God will open up an opportunity for you to share your faith.

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself unexpectedly. Let’s suppose you have been planning to talk to your sister about your faith, but you could not find an opportunity. Then, one evening, your sister calls you and wants to talk to you about a problem that she is going through. This would be a good opporunity to share oyur faith. First, be a good listener and hear what your sister has to say. Allow her to talk and unload her burden. Get clarity on what she is talking about to make sure that you understand the whole situation. Then ask her what you can do to help and reasssure her that you are committed to helping her. When she thanks you, tell her that you are going to pray for her, and ask her to join you in prayer so you can ask God together. This sends a powerful message to your sister that you are relying on your faith in God to guide you as you help your sister with her problem. Your sister sees the strength you draw from God. If she wants to talk some more, go a little deeper in how how your faith in God has changed your life. If your sister is not ready to listen to that, you can save it for the next conversation. But at least you have sown a seed in her heart because she will remember what you did for her this day.

This is just one example on how to share your faith with your family. Bringing your family members to God can take a while, through many conversations. Do not get discouraged if they don’t seem to accept what you say the first time. You speak louder through your actions. Continue to demontrate your love for your family by being there for them when they need you. Show them how God is an integral part of your life. It might be a slow process, but little by little, God will work in their hearts and bring them around.

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