Soul Winning Methods.

Soul Winning Methods.

Soul winners go through training on how to spread the gospel to convert more members into Christianity. The job is quite extensive and requires preparation for them to achieve the goal. They work as trainers representing different sources or religious institutions whose focus is enlightening the world on the Lord’s goodness. Most of the people who undertake this task are volunteers. It has to come straight from your heart for you to do the job whole hardheartedly. It is vital to use a couple of soul winning methods to ensure that you hit your target within the specified period. The tips will also guide you on how to tackle any issues that might arise along the way. The methods offered here are those mainly used by Jesus Christ on his mission while on earth.

Leading An Exemplary Life.

Leading a holy life is one of the prosperous soul winning methods that you can use to spread the gospel uplifts you to being like a celebrity since the public will mostly focus on your life. If you are reckless and undertake excessive alcohol drinking, nobody would want to associate with you. Therefore ensure you live by the gospel you preach. Jesus led a holy and respectable life. He was never caught in fights or verbal altercations with people. He never repaid evil with evil but with goodness. Follow his path, and the Holy Spirit will assist you in this mission. By living this way, the public will admire and wish to be like you. When you embark on the evangelization process, you will notice crowds turning up to hear what you will preach to them. Your lifestyle will be doing half of the job for you.


Life can be involving. People will spend their lives trying to pay bills and provide for their families in the best way possible. Without knowing, all these activities consume them. Once they’re out of work, they barely get a minute to read the bible or learn more about God, the sole [provider of their fruits. A large majoority of them get Sundays as their only day to relax and speed time with their loved ones. The situation wipes out every possibility of going to church to learn about the gospel. One crucial soul winning method that can reach such people is visitations. Take time and factor out the members of your congregations who never attend such services anymore. Contact them and schedule meetings. If possible, make it a place that is convenient for them. If they agree that you go to their houses, then it is an advance for you. Such a location is conducive to meeting the whole family and winning them back. You can plan for small meetings during weekdays and talk over the gospel at their lunch break. One challenge with this approach is that you can come out as too intrusive. Work with their timings for the people to feel comfortable.

Soul-winning is a noble course. The tips above worked for Jesus, and they can work for you.

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