Suggestions On How To Start Soul Winning

Suggestions On How To Start Soul Winning

As a member of God’s family, one of your tasks is to share God’s message with others and to bring them to the fold. If you are new to this, just thinking about this might make you think it is very difficult and that you would never be able to do something like that. The fact is, it is really not that hard. You do not have to be a great public speaker. You don’t have to be a scholar of the Bible. You really just need to be yourself when you are sharing your faith with others. Here are some suggestions on how to start soul winning, one soul at a time.

You probably have your own personal story about how you accepted God into your life. Think about that for a moment. How did it happen? Who brought you to God, and how did that conversation take place? A lot of times, these conversations start spotaneously. For example, if someone was talking to you about a problem that he was going through, and he is frustrated about it, that can lead to your sharing of how you handle frustrations and problems, but with God on your side. You can explain how you can still find peace, by the grace of God, in the midst of turmoil, and your friend can do the same. So, just like that, you can open the door to a deeper conversation about faith in God.

Opportunities are there everyday. You just have to be aware of them. When you are talking to someone, don’t just think about what you are going to say, but first and foremost, be a good listener. The other person has to see that you genuinely care about him. Yes, you have an important message to share, but people want to be heard first. So before you share your faith, you have a responsibility of hearing the other person and letting him see that you understand what he is going through. When you establish that connection, the other person will be more open to hearing what you have to say about your faith.

You can also spread God’s message by incorporating it into volunteer work. A lot of churches organize volunteer opportunities in the community and use that as a vehicle to share God’s message of salvation. Maybe the volunteer opportunity is visitation of the elderly at the convalescent hospital. If you get a chance to sit with someone at the hospital, you can use that time to talk about your faith. Maybe the volunteer project is bringing food to a family who is poor and hungry. If you are not able to have a conversation with the family, you can include a flyer with God’s message in your care pack. These are all good ways to sow the seed of God’s word.

Don’t forget to pray about how to start soul winning. You might be self-conscious about it at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will become. God will use you as His messenger when you speak from the heart.

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