Daily Display Of Soul Winning Tools

The Bible says to let your faith do the soul winning for you. The best daily display of soul winning tools is to wear your spiritual armor so that others can see it. We lead by example in our daily lives and it must be constant for it to work. If there are any flaws in your daily armor, it will be seen and picked apart with doubt and accusations of hypocrisy.

It is always best to lead by example and remember, when necessary, with the assistance of the scripture, use meaningful words and passages from the scriptures to win souls. No one wants to listen to a Bible Thumper who is lambasting them for their ways. Instead, speak softly and use gentle correction to display the right tools to win souls.

Have you ever wanted to have the peace that a friend or neighbor seems to have at all times? Have you ever asked that person what it is that gives them this peace? Chances are that this person is an excellent example of one of the best tools for soul winning out there. Their shining peace is shining through and everyone wants to be around them because things seem so smooth in their life.

Of course, this may be far from the case, that person may feel that they are struggling as well, however, they may be putting their full trust in the principles laid out in their Bible. This is a soul winning attitude that will gain them peace. As a soul winning tool, this will go far in helping them lead others to Christ.

Soul winning doesn’t have to be hardcore and pulpit thumping, in fact, statistics show that those who use this method may not reach many souls at all. People want to come to the knowledge of Christ through gentle guidance. Give a soft answer and let actions speak louder than words.

A great example is a parent who gives children choices. Instead of simply telling their child to “stay out of the street”, this parent states it more accurately, “If you go out into the street you may be hit by a car, if you stay out of the street you won’t be hit by a car”. Which child is more likely to listen? The child who has the parent that seemingly gives them a choice and lays out the potential consequence for their actions.

Our daily actions can account for witnessing and soul winning more than anything else in the world. All of the preachings and teachings in the world aren’t going to speak more meaningfully than that of actions. Peace is something that many ar seeking and helping others to achieve that peace is simple when you stop focusing on preaching and teaching and look instead deep withinyour own being.

Get up in the morning and gird yourself with the spiritual armor of God. This will set the day for a full display of Soul Winning tools that will gain you and your friends and family the peace that passes all understanding.

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