How to evangelize. Our web site focuses on teaching or training you on how to share your faith with friends and family. One way to share your faith is by talking about heaven, then lead the conversation into talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our training method is very advanced and will help you get trained on how to evangelize.

What is Heaven?

There are a number of ways to answer this question. For a simple illustration, apply the following three questions to a recent encounter you had with someone sitting next to you at a restaurant.

1. What was the Heaven like to experience?

You recall the detailed back ground view as you sat and watched the meal take place before you. You observed the graciousness of the Hospitality of the Hospitality by the Bartenders, Security and dish boy. You paid attention to the comforting unselfish gestures of the Bartenders, server and even the Bartender that was cleaning the bathroom. And as you observed the behavior of one of the sisters sitting at the next table, you gained a sneak peak into her bright and cheerful personality.

Making mental note of these little things can help you to vividly experience the essence of Heaven.

2. What was it like to communicate with a Holy Spirit like presence?

You begin to recall the sights, sounds, smells and everything that happened as you were receiving communion or worshipping the Lord. You recall the words that were said to you as you gave thanks and praised God for his goodness. Some of the words were not so nice. For example, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Of course, the Holy Spirit is always grace filled and the words we hear him speak from the pulpit are always gracious and kind.

3. What did the Holy Spirit do for you?

You begin to reflect on the set list of virtues that Adam and Eve gave to God when they came into the Eden garden. You recall how the Holy Spirit Book was moved into your confession by God. You recall His actions and personal judgments concerning those virtues. Of course, many of the personal judgments will have happened already and you are already making decisions concerning the ones that have been assigned to you. But, you never lose the joy of the fellowship and acceptance with the Holy Spirit.

Putting the Three Questions in Perspective

How will we everorthyign up to God’s presence when we don’t even try to? These three questions act as a basis for our spiritual relationship with God and help us to remind ourselves to abide in Him. When we lack a sense of holy order in our day to day schedule, our faith becomes weak. This makes the enemy’s attacks more perilous because the joy of the Lord is now gone.

Psalm 12:1 says, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Secret place here means place of secret instructions, ideas, and whatever else the Holy Spirit has an order for.

Do you place yourself in a hurry at work or in a meeting and end up judging others as you rush to get to the finishes line? Do you get cornered in the wrong place at work and call out, “Who do you think you are?” Do you get up late at work because you didn’t finish that report in time?

The fact of the matter is all of us are guilty of making excuses for ourselves. We justify our excuses with the excuse that we really don’t have time for it or that work is our priority. Really? Who do you think you are? Regarding these matters you need to know the Lord intimately.

The fact of the matter is as kings they needed to be fully grounded in the prince if they are going to govern effectively. They also need the additional help of the armor of God because it analyzes the true intentions and motivates the mind of the king. King Josiah analyzed the actions and motives of Israel when he came into the city of Jerusalem.

This had a tremendous impact on the psyche of the king. It was as if God wanted him to completely examine the way he thought. The king decided to make Melech king of Israel. Melech became Josiah’s firstborn, which angered the people of Jerusalem. Theyantedthat the people would change for the worse according to the king.

The King Center is Where God resides and Rules the Nation with supreme power. The Many Loves of God are Resides in Him and are each infused into one of the remarked. A king can not succeed if the love of the lord is not at work in his life.

Deuteronomy 30:1-3 tells us that the Lord resides in the House of Israel. Also, it is said in this chapter that the Lord is in the midst of his people. The house of Israel is not a physical place, but this spiritual state of existence means a people filled with God.When we are filled with the Lord, we are said to be God’s close companions. Close to him, we have his true power and can do all the good that we are commanded to do.

When we look up to the heavens, the Lord is with you. He is your solid foundation, your security, and a pillar of strength.

Daily Display Of Soul Winning Tools

The Bible says to let your faith do the soul winning for you. The best daily display of soul winning tools is to wear your spiritual armor so that others can see it. We lead by example in our daily lives and it must be constant for it to work. If there are any flaws in your daily armor, it will be seen and picked apart with doubt and accusations of hypocrisy.

It is always best to lead by example and remember, when necessary, with the assistance of the scripture, use meaningful words and passages from the scriptures to win souls. No one wants to listen to a Bible Thumper who is lambasting them for their ways. Instead, speak softly and use gentle correction to display the right tools to win souls.

Have you ever wanted to have the peace that a friend or neighbor seems to have at all times? Have you ever asked that person what it is that gives them this peace? Chances are that this person is an excellent example of one of the best tools for soul winning out there. Their shining peace is shining through and everyone wants to be around them because things seem so smooth in their life.

Of course, this may be far from the case, that person may feel that they are struggling as well, however, they may be putting their full trust in the principles laid out in their Bible. This is a soul winning attitude that will gain them peace. As a soul winning tool, this will go far in helping them lead others to Christ.

Soul winning doesn’t have to be hardcore and pulpit thumping, in fact, statistics show that those who use this method may not reach many souls at all. People want to come to the knowledge of Christ through gentle guidance. Give a soft answer and let actions speak louder than words.

A great example is a parent who gives children choices. Instead of simply telling their child to “stay out of the street”, this parent states it more accurately, “If you go out into the street you may be hit by a car, if you stay out of the street you won’t be hit by a car”. Which child is more likely to listen? The child who has the parent that seemingly gives them a choice and lays out the potential consequence for their actions.

Our daily actions can account for witnessing and soul winning more than anything else in the world. All of the preachings and teachings in the world aren’t going to speak more meaningfully than that of actions. Peace is something that many ar seeking and helping others to achieve that peace is simple when you stop focusing on preaching and teaching and look instead deep withinyour own being.

Get up in the morning and gird yourself with the spiritual armor of God. This will set the day for a full display of Soul Winning tools that will gain you and your friends and family the peace that passes all understanding.

Tips On How To Evangelize And Make The Mission Succesful.

Tips On How To Evangelize And Make The Mission Succesful.

Evangelism aims to spread the good gospel and win more souls. To achieve this goal, you will require lots of prior planning to ensure that everything works out as expected. Each institution that embarks on this journey has a different organizational structure they follow. However, with the below guidelines, all of them can learn how to evangelize successfully without setbacks. The processes might require a little more than the necessary commitment, but they will undoubtedly bear results.

Conduct Training.

Evangelism isn’t a mission that you can carry out single-handedly. It requires the commitment and additional effort of other members to reach comprehensive coverage. However, all of you have to work on similar procedures to ensure the congregation is on the same page. The only way to hit this target is by conducting proper training. Pastors should plan for this exercise for all their members. They must first offer evangelization classes to these members, who spread the word to people outside the church. Like any other lesson, it is easier to learn through practical experience, but only after you have some excellent background information about what happens. The trained people will know more from the lesson and expand their knowledge when sharing the gospel. Institutions that have invested in outreach programs have shown immense growth compared to their counterparts who haven’t.

Bring The Church Home.

Under normal circumstances, most people would attend church services to learn more about the gospel. Unfortunately, others will never make an effort to go to any church due to some unavoidable reasons. It could also be because they don’t want to be in a group. However, this doesn’t mean that all the people who stay at home will not welcome evangelism. Maybe they prefer to relate to God but in a more private setting. The only way to meet this target group is by taking the church to them. Do not limit evangelizations to the walls of any structure. Make the church open to anyone. If they don’t come, take it to them. Go out, spread the word. The high chances are that you will win converts who will gain more interest in knowing the right path to follow. Be consistent and intentional in your mission. Within a few weeks into the venture, the new people you meet might want to join other Christians. They will start coming to the church, a win-win situation.

Trust In The Holy Spirit.

Before you learn how to evangelize, you must first believe in Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior. Doing so means that you rely on the Holy Spirit always to guide and set the opportunities for you to conduct your missions. Believe that someone is going ahead to ensure that you reach the people and evangelize to the best of your knowledge. Within a short duration, you will notice people converting.

Evangelism can a smoother and successful process if you use the above steps. However, the method requires time since you will meet people and cannot rush them into Christianity.

How To Share Your Faith With Your Family

You love your family, and you want to share the good things in your life with them because you want them to enjoy the benefits too. This includes the peace that you have found with God. Your faith in God hss given you courage and hope through difficult times in your life, and you want to share that with your family. How would you go about that? Here are some tips on how to share your faith with your family.

Talking to your family can be challenging because different family members have different personalities, and certain family members are more difficult to reach out to than others. So, if you have never shared your faith with your family before, and it sounds a bit intimidating, choose someone in your family who is closest to you, who understands you the best, and start with this person. Pray about it, and pray for your family member. God will open up an opportunity for you to share your faith.

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself unexpectedly. Let’s suppose you have been planning to talk to your sister about your faith, but you could not find an opportunity. Then, one evening, your sister calls you and wants to talk to you about a problem that she is going through. This would be a good opporunity to share oyur faith. First, be a good listener and hear what your sister has to say. Allow her to talk and unload her burden. Get clarity on what she is talking about to make sure that you understand the whole situation. Then ask her what you can do to help and reasssure her that you are committed to helping her. When she thanks you, tell her that you are going to pray for her, and ask her to join you in prayer so you can ask God together. This sends a powerful message to your sister that you are relying on your faith in God to guide you as you help your sister with her problem. Your sister sees the strength you draw from God. If she wants to talk some more, go a little deeper in how how your faith in God has changed your life. If your sister is not ready to listen to that, you can save it for the next conversation. But at least you have sown a seed in her heart because she will remember what you did for her this day.

This is just one example on how to share your faith with your family. Bringing your family members to God can take a while, through many conversations. Do not get discouraged if they don’t seem to accept what you say the first time. You speak louder through your actions. Continue to demontrate your love for your family by being there for them when they need you. Show them how God is an integral part of your life. It might be a slow process, but little by little, God will work in their hearts and bring them around.

Soul Winning Methods.

Soul winners go through training on how to spread the gospel to convert more members into Christianity. The job is quite extensive and requires preparation for them to achieve the goal. They work as trainers representing different sources or religious institutions whose focus is enlightening the world on the Lord’s goodness. Most of the people who undertake this task are volunteers. It has to come straight from your heart for you to do the job whole hardheartedly. It is vital to use a couple of soul winning methods to ensure that you hit your target within the specified period. The tips will also guide you on how to tackle any issues that might arise along the way. The methods offered here are those mainly used by Jesus Christ on his mission while on earth.

Leading An Exemplary Life.

Leading a holy life is one of the prosperous soul winning methods that you can use to spread the gospel uplifts you to being like a celebrity since the public will mostly focus on your life. If you are reckless and undertake excessive alcohol drinking, nobody would want to associate with you. Therefore ensure you live by the gospel you preach. Jesus led a holy and respectable life. He was never caught in fights or verbal altercations with people. He never repaid evil with evil but with goodness. Follow his path, and the Holy Spirit will assist you in this mission. By living this way, the public will admire and wish to be like you. When you embark on the evangelization process, you will notice crowds turning up to hear what you will preach to them. Your lifestyle will be doing half of the job for you.


Life can be involving. People will spend their lives trying to pay bills and provide for their families in the best way possible. Without knowing, all these activities consume them. Once they’re out of work, they barely get a minute to read the bible or learn more about God, the sole [provider of their fruits. A large majoority of them get Sundays as their only day to relax and speed time with their loved ones. The situation wipes out every possibility of going to church to learn about the gospel. One crucial soul winning method that can reach such people is visitations. Take time and factor out the members of your congregations who never attend such services anymore. Contact them and schedule meetings. If possible, make it a place that is convenient for them. If they agree that you go to their houses, then it is an advance for you. Such a location is conducive to meeting the whole family and winning them back. You can plan for small meetings during weekdays and talk over the gospel at their lunch break. One challenge with this approach is that you can come out as too intrusive. Work with their timings for the people to feel comfortable.

Soul-winning is a noble course. The tips above worked for Jesus, and they can work for you.

Suggestions On How To Start Soul Winning

As a member of God’s family, one of your tasks is to share God’s message with others and to bring them to the fold. If you are new to this, just thinking about this might make you think it is very difficult and that you would never be able to do something like that. The fact is, it is really not that hard. You do not have to be a great public speaker. You don’t have to be a scholar of the Bible. You really just need to be yourself when you are sharing your faith with others. Here are some suggestions on how to start soul winning, one soul at a time.

You probably have your own personal story about how you accepted God into your life. Think about that for a moment. How did it happen? Who brought you to God, and how did that conversation take place? A lot of times, these conversations start spotaneously. For example, if someone was talking to you about a problem that he was going through, and he is frustrated about it, that can lead to your sharing of how you handle frustrations and problems, but with God on your side. You can explain how you can still find peace, by the grace of God, in the midst of turmoil, and your friend can do the same. So, just like that, you can open the door to a deeper conversation about faith in God.

Opportunities are there everyday. You just have to be aware of them. When you are talking to someone, don’t just think about what you are going to say, but first and foremost, be a good listener. The other person has to see that you genuinely care about him. Yes, you have an important message to share, but people want to be heard first. So before you share your faith, you have a responsibility of hearing the other person and letting him see that you understand what he is going through. When you establish that connection, the other person will be more open to hearing what you have to say about your faith.

You can also spread God’s message by incorporating it into volunteer work. A lot of churches organize volunteer opportunities in the community and use that as a vehicle to share God’s message of salvation. Maybe the volunteer opportunity is visitation of the elderly at the convalescent hospital. If you get a chance to sit with someone at the hospital, you can use that time to talk about your faith. Maybe the volunteer project is bringing food to a family who is poor and hungry. If you are not able to have a conversation with the family, you can include a flyer with God’s message in your care pack. These are all good ways to sow the seed of God’s word.

Don’t forget to pray about how to start soul winning. You might be self-conscious about it at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will become. God will use you as His messenger when you speak from the heart.